About Us


At TransferGoods.com, we blend altruism and travel. We present you a novel concept where people use travellers to transfer things to other places based on mutual trust and a little planning!

In today's world of crazy travelling, you could act as or engage an international postman-friend and get goods to places, either free or for a decided fee!


An idea of what happens with everyone sprouted into a burgeoning business model. Every time one wants goods to be transferred from one place to another, nationally or internationally what do you do usually? The founder of TransferGoods, Kiran Prasanna came up with an admirable solution to transfer goods easily and effectively - Enquiring with friends who travel abroad to act as carriers of such goods, based on discussions and agreement of customised terms and conditions. This is all how it started.

Become a seeker - Get what you want from anywhere in the world!
Become a Traveller - Help out by carrying an article and earn a few extra bucks!


Our values strengthen the bond between our customers and TransferGoods. Our values are a blend of;

Mutual trust: The mutual trust between our seeker and traveller strengthens our success.
Travel spirit: All you need to have is a spirit to travel.
Proper scheduling and planning is utmost aspect to accomplish a hassle free and successful goods delivery.
Honesty: All of it starts and ends with honesty. This is how we execute.

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