Country Representative

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Country Representative Program (CR program) has an exciting Country Representative Program. Website users are encouraged to send in applications for this program to become representatives themselves or nominate other members who they deem worthy of associating with the company.
The cost of application for this program is fixed at 1 USD and all entries will be verified by the team at Happy Peer Empire. Applicants must be premium users with a minimum rating value of 50 (credit card payment mandatory).
Country representatives will be accountable for safe and assured transfer of goods and will work closely on developing and promoting the concept of the website in their region by creating awareness and increasing website membership and usage.


The incentive plan for CRs, as these representatives will be called, is based on the following model:

Parameter Incentive
Get 15 new members (without payment) 1 USD
Get 15 premium members (Credit card payment) 5 USD
After 15 premium members 1 USD for every new premium member
After 30 premium members 1.5 USD for every new premium member
After 50 premium members 2 USD for every new premium member

To apply for CR Program, the user should meet the below eligibility criteria:

  • Premium members only (Paid USD 2.99)
  • Rating of above 50 points
  • Registration fee of 1 USD

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