• What is TransferGoods.com?

    TransferGoods.com is an online portal/ platform where seekers meet travelers in order to facilitate the transfer of goods between places.

  • Who is a TransferGoods.com seeker?

    A TransferGoods.com seeker is someone who is in need of a product from somewhere and uses TransferGoods.com to get that article.

  • Who is a TransferGoods.com traveler?

    A TransferGoods.com traveler is someone who is travelling from one place to another looking to help out a seeker by carrying the article requested by the seeker.

  • Does TransferGoods.com sell anything?

    No, TransferGoods.com does not sell anything. It merely provides a platform where seekers can meet travelers to get their products shipped across places.

  • What kind of transactions can be carried out in TransferGoods.com?

    Any article that is not considered illegal/ dangerous/ banned between the 'Shipping from' city to 'Shipping to' city can be considered for a transaction with the full consent of the traveler and seeker.

  • Is it safe to use TransferGoods.com?

    TransferGoods.com is completely safe. There is no compulsion for anyone to agree a transaction with another user. It is at the sole discretion of the users that a particular transaction is being carried out. We suggest all users to go through our Terms of Use and Community guideline pages before entering into any transaction.

  • Is TransferGoods.com only for international seeking/ travelling?

    No, there is no regional limitation. Transactions can be between any two places - It can be within the same town/ city/ country or international as well. Depends on the seeker's request and the traveler's terms!

  • How do I report an Issue?

    Send us a mail (support@transfergoods.com) or raise a ticket right away and we will get back to you at the earliest. In the meanwhile, you can reach out to your trusted friends/ Country representatives on the website to see if they can help.


  • Is there any geographical limitation here?

    No, TransferGoods.com is open worldwide. If you are lucky enough to find a traveler from your source location to destination, your transaction is possible.

  • Can I seek anything from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, you can seek anything from anywhere in the world, the only thing is that you need to find a suitable traveler who can get you the article and also keep in mind that the article is meeting all the rules specified in our RuleBook.

  • How do I make payment for the new article I seek?

    This totally depends on you and the trust that you have on your traveler. First option, you can chose to transfer the amount of the article to the traveller's account and let him/her purchase it for you. Secondly, you may directly purchase the article online and get it delivered to the traveller's address. Alternatively, you can have the traveler get it for you and you can pay it later when you receive your article. The seeker and the traveler have to reach an agreement on this.

  • What if I am cheated?

    We request you to intimate about any mishap to us immediately and we will take all necessary actions with law to solve the issue. We also urge you to contact local authorities in major cases.

  • I have not been able to find a traveler yet!

    We apologize for this, we will work harder to add more travelers from different locations who will be in a position to help you out soon. You may have to increase your rating (if it is low) to make people trust you. You can also try premium Ads, make your Ad premium and you will receive assistance from us!


  • Can I post Ad if I am travelling within 100 miles?

    Yes please, you are a savior on TransferGoods.com and you never know who needs what from where! If you agree to carry any article from anywhere, you are contributing in a social cause!

  • I do not trust this seeker, what should I do?

    It is completely up to you to decide whose article you are going to carry. Chat with the person, comment on their Ads, take a look at their references and past records. If you do not trust the person, we request you to abort the transaction!

  • I have agreed to carry an article. I receive a packed box from the seeker. Can I open it?

    We request you to contact the seeker for this and upon his/ her approval, it will be advisable to open/ check it.

  • What if there is any mishap during transit?

    We request you to inform regarding any such issue to us and the seeker immediately and together we shall work out on a solution.

  • I did not find any seeker yet!

    We apologize for this, there are a lots of seekers here. You may have to increase your rating (if it is low) to make people trust you. You may also need to have a look at your commission rates or your conditions. You can also list your Ad as a premium Ad and we shall assist you.

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