Personal Safety Tips


Safety - Basics and tips

Overall safety of the product being transferred as well as the parties involved in the transaction during any sort of interaction during the transfer is paramount for the website promoters. Since the website is not involved in the transactions in any manner, the following safety policy lays down the basic rules and other tips participants of transactions can refer to while using the services of the site:

  • Trust your instincts: If something does not seem right with person, his/her communication and conditions of transactions, immediately withdraw and report to the website.
  • Communicate through the website: Avoid, as much as possible, sharing your personal mobile number or details to the other party and prefer communicating through options available on the site for your safety. Also communicate enough to ensure you are able to trust the person and do not jump into a transaction.
  • Review profiles carefully: Both the seeker and the traveller should thoroughly study the profile of interested candidates and check for complete data, like real name, clear photos, and detailed descriptions of themselves, before confirming transfer to avoid issues later.
  • Leave feedback: Remember to leave feedback about your transaction and seeker/traveller as information usable to other users of the site.
  • Report negative experiences to the website: Ensure any negative and/or suspicious profile and/or activity is immediately reported to the TransferGoods team.
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